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James Quinn


Driving instructor grangetown

Added: 19th July 2018


"I found Bradley’s driving school after searching online for an intensive course. Dereks instruction was very clear and concise which helped me pass my driving test first time. He is very patient and an excellent driving instructor who I would highly recommend."

Chloe Broom


Driving schools peterlee

Added: 18th July 2018


"I decided to learn with Derek from Bradley’s after I had been recommended by a friend. Derek is an excellent driving instructor who is very patient and calm and his instruction is very clear and structured. I really enjoyed the learning process and thanks to him I passed first time today. Highly recommend."

Nathan Cooper


Driving lessons seaham

Added: 17th July 2018

"I’ve already recommended Derek to a few of my mates. I wasn’t very good when I first started with Derek but Dereks persistent teaching methods helped me pass first time with only one minor fault. Really enjoyed learning and couldn’t wait for my driving lessons. Top instructor ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"


Driving lessons Sunderland

Added: 16th July 2018

"Waiting Review 😏😏😏"

Brandon Gunn


Driving lessons redhouse

Added: 16th July 2018


"Steve was a recommendation from my sister. Had a great time learning to drive with him. Very calm and patient. A very chilled out driving instructor which is exactly what you need when learning to drive a car. Passed first time10/10 highly recommend. "

Tom Swalwell


Driving lessons Sunderland

Added: 20th June 2018


"Mates recommended Steve to me. Everything was perfect for me from the way he teaches you and explains things to you. I got on brilliant with him as he is very easy going and manages to keep you calm. I passed first time with him and have already recommended my younger brothers. 5 stars all day long as he is a brilliant instructor."



Driving schools Hartlepool

Added: 19th June 2018


"Had a great experience learning to drive with Derek from Bradley’s driving school. He has the patience of a saint. He knows how to make you feel totally relaxed when learning to drive. Excellent instructor who helps you build up your confidence. I have already recommended him to loads of people."

Jessica Stewart


Added: 5th June 2018


" Passed my driving test with Derek (Blue Fiesta). He is a great instructor he was very easy to get along with and made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout my lessons, he has great learning techniques and a lot of patience which helped massively. Would defiantly recommend!."

Dan Bye


Driving lessons silksworth sunderland

Added: 31st May 2018

"Highly recommend Derek from Bradley’s driving school after passing my driving test with him. A brilliant instructor who is very patient and has excellent teaching methods. "

Dan Bye took their driving lessons in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Jordan Seddon

Driving lessons Sunderland

Added: 31st May 2018

"Waiting Review 😢😢😢"

Jordan Seddon took their driving lessons in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Luke Newby


Driving schools Sunderland

Added: 31st May 2018


"I would give rate Derek 5/5 as I would never have passed without him. He is a really good driving instructor who is very patient and friendly instructor who knows how to put you at ease. Defo recommend."

Luke Newby took their driving lessons in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Jean Pierre


Driving lessons Sunderland

Added: 15th May 2018


"I found Bradleys driving school online after searching on Google. Very happy with my driving instructor Derek Donaldson. I was never rushed into anything and passed 1st time in the timescale that I wanted. His methods are very easy to understand and he is also very patient. He is a driving instructor who I would happily recommend."

" "

Jean Pierre took their driving lessons in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

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