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Karl Jackson


Durham driving lessons

Added: 19th September 2018

"Turned to Bradley’s Driving School after failing my previous tests. Paul was really good, got rid of my bad habits, and turned me into a much better and safer driver. I passed first time with only two minor errors thanks to him. Definitely recommend."

Luke Mills


Driving lessons seaham

Added: 12th September 2018


"Passed first time with Derek from Bradley’s, recommended from a friend. Enjoyed learning to drive as Derek is really good and very patient. He was always very accommodating with any issues I had. Anything I struggled with Derek was always more than happy to go over things again. Highly recommend "

Jordan Hartshorne


Driving lessons Chester le street

Added: 11th September 2018

"Paul is really really good driving instructor, highly recommend him, very patient, explains everything clearly what you are doing wrong, then tells you how to improve then goes about practicing the skills until I get them right. Excellent way to learn to drive. Had a great time learning with him, if I could I would still keep doing my lessons. Passed first time today with only two minor faults thanks to Paul. "

Tom Bramley

Driving lessons Durham

Added: 6th September 2018

"waiting review 😔😔😔"

Tom Bramley took their driving lessons in Durham, Co Durham

Lauren Christie

Driving lessons shotton

Added: 3rd September 2018

"Waiting Review â˜đïļâ˜đïļâ˜đïļ"

Dan Motram


Driving schools easington Lane

Added: 29th August 2018


"Just passed my driving test first time thanks to Derek Bambrough. He is a very professional driving instructor who offers constructive criticism and is straight to the point. I always felt really comfortable on my driving lessons thanks to Dereks demeanour. I enjoyed the learning process, Massively recommend. Thanks Derek!!"

Caitlin Render


Driving lessons peterlee

Added: 23rd August 2018


"Passed my driving test first time today thanks to Derek from Bradley’s driving school. I really enjoyed the lessons as he was very patient and I got on with him really well. His instruction is very clear so I knew exactly what to do. I would highly recommend Derek. Thanks Caitlin."

Luke Carr


Durham driving lessons

Added: 23rd August 2018


"Passed first time with Paul after my Misses recommended him. He was brilliant every step of the way. I had a good laugh and a great time learning to drive. Very patient and calm instructor. Always willing to go over things a second time if things never registered. Nothing was too much trouble for him. Recommend to anyone. Cheered Luke. "

Jamie Roper


Driving lessons Sunderland

Added: 22nd August 2018


"Just passed my driving test first time today thanks to Steve Kirsop from Bradley’s. I was recommended him by my Uncle and brother who both passed first time with him. He’s a great instructor who is very patient and makes you feel nice and chilled during the lessons. Explains everything very clearly so it was all easy to understand. Absolutely loved my lessons as he has an amazing car to learn to drive in. Highly recommend Steve, in fact I have already recommended him."

"Cheers. Jamie"

Jamie Roper took their driving lessons in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Anthony Reddel


Driving lessons Sunderland

Added: 15th August 2018


"When first learning to drive. I never thought I would pass my driving test but thanks to my instructor Derek Donaldson I’ve just passed today. I really enjoyed learning with Derek as he was very patient and a really nice guy. I would definitely recommend Derek to anyone wanting to pass their driving test "

Cairan Render


Driving schools Peterlee

Added: 14th August 2018


"Highly recommend Derek from Bradley’s driving school after I was recommended him myself from a friend. I passed on my 2nd attempt with a clean sheet after failing the first one with one minor and one serious. I had excellent preparation for the driving test thanks to Derek who is very calm and patient and straight to the point when it matters. Thanks Derek. "

Neisha Mistry


Driving lessons Durham city

Added: 10th August 2018


"I decided to go with this driving school because my older brother learned with Ken and passed first time with only one minor. I had my test today and managed to pass first time too after just three months of learning.

Ken is an absolutely wonderful driving instructor and I recommend him very highly because he is patient, experienced and knows how to secure first time pass. He provided me with a driving booklet that contains all the information I needed for my practical test and we also did reflective logs after each lesson, which ensured that I didn't make the same mistake twice.

In my opinion, the reason that his pass rate is so high (he is very proud of this) is because he does mock tests with his students so that they are comfortable when it comes to the real thing.

I'm really going to miss my lessons with Ken because he's such a lovely guy and he has taught me so much in the last few months. Thank you so much for a wonderful driving experience and a first time pass."

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