FAQ's - Bradleys Driving Lessons

Q. Can I start learning to drive before I have my provisional license?
A. No, before you can learn to drive, you must have a provisional license which you must produce both parts to your instructor on your first lesson.

Q. How do I apply for a provisional license?
A. You can apply online at www.dsa.gov.uk, alternatively you can apply for your provisional license by completing the D1 application form which is available from most post offices.

Q. How much will the provisional license cost?
A. £50

Q. Can I start learning to drive before passing my theory test?
A. Yes, you can start learning to drive before passing your theory test.

Q. How much is the theory test and how do I apply for the theory test.
A. The theory test is £31 and you can apply online at www.dsa.gov.uk or by phone on 03002001122.

Q. How much is the practical test and how do I apply for the practical test?
A. (see above) the practical test costs £62.00 weekdays and £75.00 on weekends and evenings. All practical and theory tests are booked free of charge by Bradley’s driving school. Extended tests £124.00 weekdays, Evenings & weekends £150.00

Q. What is the best way to learn to drive?
A. By taking regular lessons, at least twice a week together with a properly constructed programme of driving lessons matched to the pupil’s ability will reap the best results. Bradley’s driving school recommend practice once you can control the car without prompting from your instructor.

Congratulations to Rhys Routledge who passed 1st time with Bradleys school of Motoring with 9 minor faults


Q. What do I look for in a driving school as there is so many to choose from?
A. Look for a driving school that prides itself in preparing pupils to pass first time and one that offers a proper structured training course. Ask the instructor about their pass rate. All driving instructors should have proof of their pass rates as the DSA send these out free of charge when asked for.

Q. What is the difference between a trainee instructor and a qualified instructor?
A. A trainee instructor carries a pink triangular badge in the left hand side front window. This means they have not passed the qualifying exams to become an approved driving instructor; you will have less chance of passing the practical test 1st time with a trainee.
A qualified instructor will carry a green badge meaning they have passed all the necessary exams to enter the register. Make sure that you check to see which badge is in the window.

Q. Some schools offer a guaranteed pass, what is this?
A. No respectable driving school will offer a guaranteed pass as it is just not possible. The driving examiner is the only person who can pass the pupil. Something that sounds too good to be true normally is. This is just a ploy to entice you to learn with them.

Q. How many lessons will I need to pass my practical test?
A. Pupils who find learning to drive easy, normally take anywhere in the region from 25 to 30 hours of tuition. Nervous pupils who find learning to drive quite difficult can take anywhere between 40 to 60 hours of tuition. Some pupils may need more.

The DSA state that pupils who have had 45 hours of professional training and at least 22 hours of private practice stand the best chance of passing their driving tests first time. See www.direct.gov.uk and type in learning to drive.

Congratulations to Paul Arnott who took driving lessons in Durham and passed 1st time with 7 minor faults