Intensive and Semi-Intensive Driving Courses


Must read information for Semi / Intensive courses offered in Sunderland, Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool and South Shields.

Are you a complete beginner and need a driving license quickly? Then why not try one of our unique semi intensive courses. These courses are the way forward for a quick driving license.

These semi intensive courses are tailored to your needs.

How our semi intensive courses work:

We arrange your theory test at your chosen centre ( at no extra charge ).

Waiting list normally about two weeks.

We start your driving lessons normally 2 hours per day every day.

We can do early morning lessons where we pick up at home and drop off at work or college.

We can pick up after work or collage, then drop off at home.

Free periods at college even better. Lunch hour at work, not a problem
Saturdays, Sundays they're cool too.

The pupil studies hard and passes the theory test first time.

Training materials provided free of charge.

We arrange the driving test as we can't book the practical test until you the client has passed the theory test.

Waiting lists normally 2 to 3 weeks, depending on waiting list.

We adjust the rest of your semi intensive driving course  to correspond with your driving test.

Forget about trying to pass in one week in Sunderland if you have never driven before, in our opinion these "pass in one week courses" are a complete waste of your hard earned money. The pass rate in Sunderland is very low to start with, If all pupils tried to pass in one week in Sunderland, the pass rate would be a lot worse, and they simply just don't work,as there is too much information to absorb in one week.

Your brain is like a computer, give it too much information and it will crash.

Show us one person who can pass in one week  and we can show you one thousand who can't.

Why take our advice?

Well, we've just about taught every walk of life there is:

From under 17s to 78 year olds!
From Drug barons to Doctors!
From Afghans to Americans!

Why use Bradley's Driving School for your Semi / Intensive course?

With an enviable reputation for providing a first class service. It is no surprise that we're considered by many as the leading company for semi/intensive courses.

Even solo driving instructors in Sunderland recommend us when they are too busy.

Information provided by Kenneth one of the UK's top 7% of driving instructors recommended by The Driving Standards Agency

Please add £31 if theory is not passed.

For more information call or text on 07984763069

To book a course

Call Carly at customer services, free on 0800 3287099 from a land line
From a mobile call 07825 446258



This course is ideal for clients who have just failed a driving test or somebody who has substantial driving experience who just needs to polish up on a few minor details. This course may also be suitable for an international license holder who needs a full UK driving license.

This course is normally spread over 3 to 4 days prior to the driving test. Savings of £10 on normal price lessons 

Price: £299


This course is ideal for learners who are confident behind the wheel, who just need to brush up on their manoeuvres and general driving. This course is very popular with pupils who have taken 20 to 30 hours over a period of 5 to 6 months who feel they are progressing too slowly.

This course is spread over 5 days, 4 hours per day starting on the Monday with the driving test on the Friday. (Should be spread over 9 days RECOMMENDED). Massive Savings of £20 on normal price lessons

Price: £525


The 30 hour course is ideal for pupils who have had at least 15 hours of tuition. The pupil should be able to move off confidently at simple junctions. Pupils should have a good understanding of roundabouts. Straight reversing and the turn in the road may have been practiced.

This course is completed over 7 days with the driving test on the final day. (Should be spread over 10 to 15 days RECOMMENDED)
Massive Savings of £30 on normal price lessons

Price: £755


This course is best suited to a confident person or some one who has at least completed a beginner’s course of at least 5 hours. Pupils should have attempted to move off uphill, downhill and moving off on an angle. The pupil should be able to turn left and right into side roads without much prompting from the instructor.

This course is can be completed over 10 to 15 days with the driving test at the end of the course. (Should be spread over 20 days RECOMMENDED). Savings of £80 on normal price lesson

Price: £985


Assessment lessons are recommended for clients who have had previous driving experience to determine what course is suitable.

John Lee from Shotton Colliery was quoted 30 hours by one driving school
John came to us as he was not happy with the assessment.
One of our driving instructors assessed John.
We recommended 10 hours

John Passed his driving test first time 2 weeks later with only 3 minor faults

Our intensive courses represent tremendous value for money

All courses are 1 to 1. We do not car share.

All intensive courses are carried out by qualified instructors who are specially trained in crash courses.

Intensive courses times are 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm

Other times can be arranged to suit the client

Semi intensive courses are recommended for nervous clients. These courses are spread over 3 to 4 weeks depending on which course you require.