Bradley's Driving School Roll of Honour

Few driving schools can match our 1st time pass rates

Below is a gallery of our recent clients who passed their driving tests 1st time in Sunderland, Durham, Gateshead, South Shields and Darlington test centres Congratulations!

Added: 29th March 2019

Excellent drive by Ben Cowey from Seaham who passed his driving test first with only two minor errors at the Hartlepool test centre.

Added: 28th March 2019

What a great drive by Dan Keogh who managed to ace his driving test first time in Sunderland with only two minor errors. Dan has been a great pupil to teach and we hope to see him on the roads as soon as possible

Added: 28th March 2019

Fantastic first time pass from Ryan Smith who crushed his practical driving test with only one minor.

Added: 28th March 2019

Super first time pass from Sarah Tervit who managed only the two minor errors 

Added: 27th March 2019

Fantastic first time pass by Rebecca from Thornley who passed at the Hartlepool test centre with only the one minor error.

Added: 26th March 2019

Congratulations to Caitlin Sweeny from Sunderland who passed her driving test at the Sunderland test centre. 

Added: 26th March 2019

Congrats to Henry Nicoll who passed his driving test first time with Paul Eilles At the County Durham test centre.

Added: 17th January 2019

Yet another first time pass this time its James Whitaker from Herrington who managed to make the driving test look easy. Good luck with the car shopping and hopefully we will see you on the roads very soon.

Added: 15th January 2019

Congratulations to Bradley Ingham passed his driving test in Sunderland first time with only two minor errors, the result was never in doubt as Bradleysis an excellent driver.

Bradley Ingham passed with the help of a Bradleys School of Motoring driving instructor based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Added: 22nd October 2018

Fantastic first time pass by Sophie Dodd from Washington, Tyne & Wear who only only recorded one minor error at the Sunderland test centre.

Added: 22nd October 2018

Excellent first time pass from Beth who passed her driving test at the Sunderland test centre.

Added: 18th October 2018

Fantastic First time pass from Jessica Heath. Jessica produced a stunning drive and absolutely nailed it with a clean sheet,wow! Best wishes from your driving instructor Derek Bambrough 

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