Why under 17 driving lessons in the North East

A recent article in the Telegraph stated that experts believe that the young driver training concept will reduce road accidents and save lives, by instilling the right skills and attitude in learners at an early age. They say research in Sweden shows that accident rates among young qualified drivers are reduced by as much as 40 per cent if they’re exposed to driving tuition before they begin formal driving lessons.

A survey by the AA and Populus revealed nearly a quarter of young drivers on Britain's roads are involved in accidents within just six months of passing their driving test.  Many of them are most at risk of crashing in the first few weeks.

A total of 23% of 18 to 24 year olds questioned were revealed to have crashed within six months of passing and 26% had been involved in a collision within two years

Why party's and groups could be a good idea

A study by the American Automobile Association has shown that (perhaps not surprisingly) the risks increase when young drivers have friends in the car.

The study found that teens who were driving with one passenger who was under 21-years-old increased the risk of being involved in a fatal accident by 44 percent. When there were two passengers (under 21) the risk doubled. When there were three or more passengers (under 21) the risk quadrupled.

The AAA report also noted that teen drivers who drove with at least one person at least 35-years-old reduced their risk of being in a fatal accident by 62 percent.

Why use Bradley's for your Under 17 driving lessons in the North East

Our driving instructors are DSA approved

We use only dual control cars and specially selected driving instructors. All of our instructors have been CRB checked (criminal records bureau)

Your sons/daughters will be working together with driving instructors who are at the top of their game.

What no other driving school will tell you is that driving instructors are graded

The criteria for grading are as follows:

1. Overall standard of instruction of instruction extremely poor or dangerous with incorrect or even dangerous instruction.

2. A poor overall performance with numerous deficiencies in instructional technique.

3. An inadequate overall performance with some deficiencies in  instructional technique.

4. A competent overall performance with some minor deficiencies in instructional technique.

5. A good overall standard of instruction with some minor weakness in instructional technique.

6. Overall performance to a very high standard with significant instructional weakness.

Most driving instructors are a grade 4

You will be glad to know that we only use Grade 5 and 6 for your under 17 driving lessons in the North East

What we can cover on your under 17 driving lessons in the the North East of

England as follows:

  • Cockpit drill
  • Moving off smoothly
  • Hill starts, Downhill starts, Angle starts
  • Stopping Smoothly using the MSM routine
  • Changing up the gears using the palming technique
  • Changing down the gears using the palming technique
  • Approaching junctions left and right
  • junctions emerging left and right
  • Turn in road
  • Reverse parking into a bay
  • parallel parking behind cars
  • Controlled stop

To get a head start on your under 17 driving lessons call the experts now on 08003287099 and  see how we can turn your sons/daughters into excellent safe drivers