Driving lessons in Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Gateshead, Consett, South Shields.

Looking for driving lessons in Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Gateshead, South Shields, Consett or surrounding areas? Bradley's driving school has now been established for over twelve years and our excellent rates, expert knowledge and ability to get our clients through the driving test first time has helped us to become one of the leading driving schools in the North East.

What our customers really say!


Heard about Derek from a friend. I found him to be a very good instructor who is very patient, sometimes picky which I guess is a good thing. I would definitely recommend. 

Grace Doughtey - 17th October 2017



Ken was a fantastic instructor and I fully credit him with me passsing first time with three minors.

The course was really well organised and tailored to me, as in I learned at my own pace and only moved on when happy to try something harder or a little different. The lessons themselves were well explained, if I had questions they were clearly answered (diagrams and all) and on top of that Ken is great to talk to, has a really calm demeanour and is a genuinely nice person.

The learning resources outside of lessons were also of a high quality, with a booklet splitting up each manoeuvre or intersection and how to approach them, into well explained steps that really helped reinforce the lessons, especially if I was a little unsure on some points. There was also a website with videos of narrated independent drives which I found useful, seeing when a more experienced driver checked mirrors, indicated, made observations etc.

Overall, I couldn't be happier.

Thank you and all the best to Ken and Bradley's for the future!


Jonathan Asquith - 16th October 2017


That’s an astonishing 51 Zero Faults!

OMG! Another clean sheet.  Congratulations to Kyle Williamson from Blackhall near Hartlepool who passed his practical driving test FIRST TIME with a CLEAN SHEET on the 29th August at the Hartlepool test centre. Our methods really do work and this strikes home why we think we are your No 1 choice for driving lessons.  

Congratulations to Driving instructor Derek Bambrough and his client Kyle Williamson on taking our CLEAN SHEET TOTAL TO AN ASTONISHING 51 ZERO FAULT TEST PASSES